New mobile music services are booming

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The Apple iPhone, combined with the iTunes store, proved that mobile music is quite an interesting market.
Other mobile device manufacturers are jumping the bandwagon and rolling out new music services.

First there was Nokia’s “Comes With Music” (CWM) service, launched in October 2008, giving users unlimited access to 4 million tracks. Sony Ericsson followed with improvements on their PlayNow platform. Also Blackberry came with mobile music applications.

Eric Nicoli, CEO of the EMI Group, proved the potential of the market, speaking at the annual MIDEM event: “You only have to look at Japan, where 90 percent of all digital music sold is downloaded on to phones to see what a mobile download market can be.”
In other markets however, it hasn’t come quite that far just yet. For a long time, the high price tag of music-enabled phones was an obstacle. But manufacturers want to change that with their new product range. Several operators are targeting the younger generation with mobile phone subscriptions that include access to the mobile music service.

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