Asin Love With Salman Khan | Actress Asin's Bedroom Full of Salman's Photos


Both the actors are working together in Vipul Shah’s London Dreams. According to the reports their wonderful chemistry is reportedly extended beyond the shoots.

In the mean time, sources close to the stars say that Asin’s bedroom has pictures of Sallu all over.

Though, it won’t be a solid clue of the relationship but it’s being said that Katrina Kaif visiting Chandigarh to keep tabs on Salman’s closeness with Asin and it adds up to a lot.

Salman is always known to be extra protective of his leading ladies and is said to be recommending her to all his producer friends.

In the mean time, there were reports about Salman having a squabble with Asian’s father on the sets of London Dreams as well. We are just waiting and watching the scene.

The latest gossip in the tinsel town is about Asin Thottumkal having Salman Khan’s poster all over her bedroom. The buzz is that Aisn wakes up every morning seeing Salman’s face. The Ghajini star who is working with Sallu Mia in the upcoming London Dreams has been completely bowled by Salman’s charms. Why not after all most eligible bachelor in the tinsel town.
Yes, that's really the new Symbian logo. I guarantee no one's going to sue them for it, unless it's the producers of the movie Juno:

I've already gone through a couple of stages of reaction to the logo. The first was horror. Not only is the font something out of 1974, but the color is one of the least popular in the world (step outside and count how many yellow cars you can see, or click here or here). I know I've seen uglier logos in the past, but I can't remember where, probably because I tried to block out the memory.

The discussion on All About Symbian has been amusing (link).

Once I got over my reaction, I reminded myself that the folks at Symbian are smart and very deliberate. Let's assume they have a good reason for choosing this logo. What would it be, and what would it tell us about the company and its business strategy?

The new Symbian is an open source software project. They need to appeal to open source developers, many of whom have a reflexive hatred toward slick and calculated marketing. After all, these are the sort of folks who, when allowed to choose their own logos, spontaneously chose a fat, stoned-looking penguin and a drunken ox:



A multiplayer performance at Colony, an interactive urban art environment. Using an iPhone, download the free Colony app from the App Store. Up to thirty people may simultaneously play the urban art environment and feed energy the media creatures that inhabit it. Each of the totems in the networked sculpture may be played like a musical instrument responding to touch with light and sound. People without iPhones can participate as the artwork responds to your presence as you walk along the forested path.

TRegister for the event via colony [at] iconica [dot] org by sending your name and email address. You need to bring an iPhone or iPod touch loaded with the Colony app to participate.

More information and how-to-play at

Start Time: December 12 at 8:00pm
End Time: December 12 at 9:00pm

Location: Colony at Life.Lab, Digital Harbour
Street: Corner of La Trobe Street and Harbour Esplanade
City/Town: Melbourne Docklands


Colony ::: Troy Innocent 2008
weathering steel, acrylic, computer-controlled light, 12-channel sound, interactive installation, iPhone web app

Colony is part artificial lifeform, part icon of a digital media landscape. The weathered totems use light and sound to communicate with one another in response to human presence. Affect the colour and sound patterns of the artwork by walking through the environment or playing the totems with your iPhone.

The work draws upon Innocent’s digital media arts practice that explores the connections between artificial systems such as language and natural processes abundant in life.

launch :::
Colony was launched on September 18th, 2008.

download :::
Version 1.0 of the Colony software may be downloaded here.

location :::
Colony is located in the garden behind Life.lab on Harbour Esplanade in the Melbourne Docklands.

Swinxs, RFID for Children


A Dutch company, Swinxs is developing a physical RFID-based console with RFID wristbands for children. They claim to be encouraging physical activities and ‘stimulating imagination’.The console includes versions of Tag, multiple Quiz games, Hide and Seek and Charades. The base-station connects to the internet for uploading scores and downloading content. The movie on their home page demonstrates some of the simple game mechanics.

It seems that many of the games are about measurement, tracking and timing of otherwise person-to-person negotiated activities. In this way the product becomes more about tagging people and measuring their activity, particuarly when combined with the wristband attached to the body rather than tagged objects.
This might sound insignificant, but the difference between tagged objects and tagged people is quite pertinent, particularly as this is intended as a playful, learning environment for children. The kinds of learnings that are achieved through a digital system that tracks you rather than the objects you manipulate could be very different.

Mobile Edge CAMEX 2009 after hours event



Anaheim, Calif. - CAMEX 2009, sponsored by the National Association of College Stores (NACS), the collegiate retailing’s premier event consisted of two days of intensive retail education, speakers and special events followed by a three-day trade show which featured the latest products intended for student consumers aged 18-24.

During CAMEX more than 710 companies occupied more than 1,500 booths, showcasing items from more than 100 different product categories — from the latest collegiate apparel to pencils, Laptop Bags and accessories to organic beauty products.

Mobile Edge located a few miles away from the Anaheim Convention center where the event took place hosted an after hours event at their Corporate Headquarters where affiliate Distributor Reps from D&H and Douglas Stewart along with Collegiate Computer Store buyers where invited.

Korean carrier KTF launches mobile phone-controlled vacuum cleaner

South Korean telecom firm KTF has just announced a cleaning robot which can be controlled by a 3G cellphone. The robot -- called the CW100 -- was built in collaboration with Microbot, and is a "smart" vacuum (much like a Roomba). The CW100 uses an onboard video camera to send live images of what it's "seeing" to the mobile phone, and the user can then remotely control it using the keypad. The bot will be sold for KRW 500,000 (about $370) in conjunction with a data plan that runs KRW 5,000 (about $3.70) per month. Sounds pretty affordable and awesome to us -- as long as it doesn't run over the family cat. Check out another photo after the break.

[Via Unwired View]

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New Porsche Mobile Phone


Porsche Phone.jpgPorsche Design Group, the guys who design those jaw dropping and sleek super cars is coming up with their new mobile phone, P'9522. This phone has been manufactured from a single piece of solid aluminum and the screen is made of single sheet of scratch proof glass. The phone looks sleek just like a Porsche Super car. Like its design, the P'9522 has latest technologies at its disposal with 2.8 inch touch screen OLED display, super resolution and color reproduction with wide screen. The built-in GPS receiver is perfect mate of a globe trotter. To secure your data, the phone has a finger print scanner that will make sure that, nobody but you have access to the sensitive data on the phone. The phone features a 5 mega pixel snapper with auto focus and digital zoom. Connectivity wont be a problem for you as it is Quad band, Wi-Fi and has Bluetooth connectivity. Other features of the phone include, Organizer, To dos, Voice recorder, Currency converter, Alarm clock, Stop watch, Calculator, Modem, Web browser. There is no news on the pricing of this phone but looking at the details it seems that, this phone will certainly leave big holes in your pocket.

[Via: 3G UK]

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New mobile music services are booming


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The Apple iPhone, combined with the iTunes store, proved that mobile music is quite an interesting market.
Other mobile device manufacturers are jumping the bandwagon and rolling out new music services.

First there was Nokia’s “Comes With Music” (CWM) service, launched in October 2008, giving users unlimited access to 4 million tracks. Sony Ericsson followed with improvements on their PlayNow platform. Also Blackberry came with mobile music applications.

Eric Nicoli, CEO of the EMI Group, proved the potential of the market, speaking at the annual MIDEM event: “You only have to look at Japan, where 90 percent of all digital music sold is downloaded on to phones to see what a mobile download market can be.”
In other markets however, it hasn’t come quite that far just yet. For a long time, the high price tag of music-enabled phones was an obstacle. But manufacturers want to change that with their new product range. Several operators are targeting the younger generation with mobile phone subscriptions that include access to the mobile music service.

Palm presents new Pre smartphone compiles all mobile sites »

Your Personal File Server Wherever You Go


Recent updates to Apple's Airport firmware enable you to use Back to My Mac to remotely access files stored on(or a hard disk attached to with 802.11n) from a Mac running OS X Leopard. The device's disk will appear on your Mac in the Shared section of the Finder sidebar when you're connected to the internet, and you can treat it as a personal remote file server, dragging files to and from it as needed.

To setup a device, Open AirPort Utility on your Mac, click Manual Setup, then click Advanced in the toolbar and select MobileMe. Enter your MobileMe member name and password and click update. For more detailed instructions download the Back to My Mac User's Guide.

LG GM310 Music Player Phone


LG release the latest music player phone LG-GM310 which in several country named LG-GM210 or LG-GM205. Still using 2M pixel camera but with huge 4GB internal memory.


Another feature of LG GM310 music player like USB 2.0 storage support, 2.1 stereo speaker with subwoofer, high-end LG sound engine, and dolby mobile engine. There’s no price available yet.

Samsung POP - Line Up Samsung Haptic


Already have Samsung Haptic? Do you want to change the style? Now you can line-up the battery cover with 7 different stylish battery cover.


It’s called Haptic POP to personalize your Samsung Haptic phone with features like DMB and 3M pixel camera module. But the price is not available yet.

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