Free Internet Access on Vodafone UK

Vodafone UK are cutting their PAYG prices for accessing the 'net from a mobile on 1 May, and to celebrate are offering free access from your mobile for the whole day on Friday 1st. From 0:01 Friday morning to 23:59 Friday night, any web access from your handset to either or will be totally free of charge. Seems tomorrow will be an ideal day to whack my Vodafone PAYG SIM into the E75 and give it a real going over on the web.

As for the price changes, daily usage charges are now capped at 50p per day, down from £1, and the allowance is up from 15MB to 25MB. This is a welcome move, and a significant price cut, but is still twice the price of O2 for daily users. A standard monthly charge will still be £15 if web is accessed daily, which whilst better than £30, is still double the O2 data bolt on for PAYG users which is only £7.50 per month.

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