Dodgy iPhone developer booted from AppStore

iPhone developer Molinker has been kicked off Apple's AppStore over allegations of dodgy 'user' reviews.
iPhoneography reports that a consumer complaint - and a letter to Apple exec Phil Schiller - has seen the developer removed from the AppStore.
Molinker made over 1000 applications for the iPhone/iPod Touch - and all of them have disappeared.
iPhoneography reported that a user - under the name SCW - had tipped the site off over grammatically-similar rave reviews from users who didn't review anything other than Molinker products.
SCW's letter to Schiller read: "Please investigate for I have just looked at 44 of the reviewers who posted reviews for this Molinker Inc app NightCam Pro & EVERY Review except 2 of the 44+ are ALL FAKE 5 star reviews."
Schiller replied to the letter saying "Yes, this developer's apps have been removed from the App Store and their ratings no longer appear either.Read More......


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