Nokia N900: an Overview

Nokia launched the N900 that is considered to be the successor of the N97. The device comes with 32GB storage and a 5MP camera.
The N900 is well built and it ha s a solid screen slide. But when it comes to angle the screen for video viewing it becomes frail and does not have enough balance.
The touchscreen requires a firm finger press but it works well, it is fact and responsive. The resolution of the device is 800×480 pixels, due to which the screen is able to display bright, colourful and pin-sharp images.
The device is equipped with the QWERTY keypad that includes domed keys facilitating in its usage.
The browser is good but you will have to get accustomed to its idiosyncrasies. On the bootom right you will find options by means of tapping. But if you need to use zooming you will have to push the volume key.
Despite the fact that the browser is able to work in landscape mode, it can demonstrate Flash animation.
The N900 has multiple home screens that are easy to change by means of the finger. Also the handset is able to manage various tasks, i.e. it is possibility, for instance, to launch Facebook, then minimize it by means of tapping the icon that includes two folders and then Facebook will diminish into a list view, due to which a user is able to swipe over Ovi Maps.Read More......


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