Apple iPad Tablet: Sony and Nintendo reactions

It appears that in the wake of Apple’s big announcement when it unveiled its new iPad tablet PC, that people have been giving their responses and reactions. And according to a report at, Sony and Nintendo are to name a couple.
Yesterday, it was Nintendo president Satoru Iwata that gave his reaction to last week’s announcement by Apple. And it appears that he wasn’t too stoked on it, saying that “It was a bigger iPod Touch.” He went on to say that it offered “no surprises.”
Sony on the other hand, expressed a lot of optimism and happiness about the new iPad tablet. Sony’s John Koller, who is Director of Hardware Marketing, said that Apple’s entrance into the portable gaming space had been a net positive for Sony.
He then went on to say that when people want a deeper, richer console, then they start playing on the PSP (PlayStation Portable). But that is not necessarily the case, as people don’t appear to be coming to the PSP for a deeper, richer console.


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