Searching for new apps? Chomp for Apple's iPhone helps you find them - and a whole lot more

Let's face it: Of the more than 100,000 iPhone apps out there to choose from, only a small percentage will be right for you. The process of tracking down the ones you want is part of the fun, but if you find yourself adrift as you surf the App Store and need some extra guidance, well, there's now an app for that.
GRAB IT: Chomp (free), which debuted Monday, is to iPhone apps what the Genius button is to your music library, using information about your likes and dislikes to make recommendations - and it even tosses social networking into the mix.
Once you've created a Chomp account, it asks you to start reviewing your favorite (and least favorite) apps. The process is a breeze: Simply click a heart icon for "like" and a broken heart icon for "dislike." There's also an option to add a short review, of 60 characters or fewer, if you feel a need to opine further.
We started off with a quick review of two or three of our favorite iPhone games, and immediately the app pointed out a few others we might enjoy. (Warning: Be prepared to spend some money on new software!) Chomp even suggested a few we already know and love but hadn't reviewed yet - so we know it works.
That ability alone - not to mention its sleek, easy-to-use interface - makes Chomp a winner. What's more, the app has a Twitter-inspired twist that really gives it an edge, allowing you to browse a live stream of reviews from other users and interact with them. Not only can you follow your fellow Chompers and browse their reviews, but there's even a section where you can track the reviews of "App Celebrities" including Digg founder Kevin Rose and video blogger Justine Ezarik, making it easier than ever to keep up with the geeks. [iTunes link]
SKIP IT: iDrag­Paper Free: Prefer to get your app recommendations from the iTunes best-seller list? You might want to rethink that. As we write this, iDragPaper Free - a game that tests your ability to quickly unfurl a roll of toilet paper - is Apple's top-ranked free app. For 99 cents, the paid version adds online leaderboards.


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