Conde Nast Magazines on the Apple iPad

In a deal that I personally foresee as mutually beneficial to both parties, Conde Nast just announced its intention to take “leadership position” on the new Apple publishing business for the iPad. Charles H. In an email by Townsend, president and chief executive of Condé Nast, he shared that “[Conde Nast] feel confident enough that consumers will want our content in this new format that we are committing the resources necessary to be there… How large a revenue stream digitized content represents is an answer we hope to learn through this process.”

GQ will already be available in April, Wired and Vanity Fair in June and The New Yorker in summer. Much of the magazine costs come from paper and printing. With the new iBookstore and iBook e-reader from Apple, serving issues of TNY, GQ, Vanity Fair, is likely to be much cheaper. How the advertisers will like it is another matter.


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