India vs. Apple’s Needs: iPhone 4G / HD and 3GS

We always assume that Apple knows what they are doing, but we are baffled as to why they only offer the iPhone 3G with the 3GS coming soon. The rest of the world has had the iPhone 3GS for around 8 months now with rumors of a 4G / HD version coming very soon. So why is India so far behind, especially when they aim to take on the likes of Nokia – who has a stronghold in the country.
Maybe it has something to do with the lack of interest of the iPhone in India, which is due to the high price. There are rumors that the new iPhone 4G / HD will be cheaper than the 3GS – so why not bypass the current model altogether?
As we mentioned above, Nokia is the market leader in India – so we know that the potential is there, Apple just needs to tap into it. Nokia has been able to create handsets that fulfill market needs, something that Apple struggles with.
Apple is all about offering the best in technology, but the company should have different strategies for different countries. There is one problem with that though; Apple will never change for the need of others.
Techie Buzz tells us that we should not expect the iPhone 4G / HD anytime soon in India, so residents will just have to make do with the 3GS for now.
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