Motorola to pre-load Microsoft’s Bing on Android smartphones in China

Motorola has announced that it’s pre-installing Microsoft Bing services on its future Android smartphones that will be launched in China starting this quarter.
More exactly, Moto’s China-bound Android handsets will use Bing’s Search and Maps capabilities by default, instead of Google’s ones.
Motorola says the collaboration with Microsoft was made to enable users “to customize their devices and select their own Search provider”, but this probably also has something to do with Google’s problems in China.
Motorola’s Android phones that are already available in China (like the Motorola XT800 seen above) will be able to get Bing services, too, thanks to over-the-air updates.
Interestingly, Motorola has also chosen not to use Google as the default search engine for the AT&T BackFlip, preferring Yahoo instead.


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