New Rumors on PSP Phone and Other Sony Gadgets

Back around the mid-90’s when on-the-go music still came courtesy of the Discman and the original PlayStation was the only way to game, Sony was the top canine in the electronics world. Then Apple came along what with its fancy iPod and revolutionary iPhone and Sony was relegated to a back seat. According to a Wall Street Journal article, Sony is more determined than ever to get back to the glory days.
The article cites two devices within Sony’s workshops that will be pitted squarely against Apple. The first, and perhaps most interesting, is a PSP phone being developed by Sony Ericsson. If the name didn’t spell it out, it is a smartphone capable of playing PlayStation games. Sony is reportedly pumping significantly more effort into this one than other SE projects.
The second device is described as a cross between a PSP, netbook and e-reader–basically a PSP iPad that may or may not be in tablet form.
Given the PlayStation’s strong brand position in the gaming arena, these two devices would make intriguing alternatives to Apple’s offerings. The report indicates that they could be ready later this year.


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